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Due to my own personal challenges with an autoimmune disease for quite a number of years, I have done and continue to do extensive research and highly recommend the use of CBD Hemp Oil products, and encourage you to learn more and to even give it a try: The Power of CBD-Hemp Oil with a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose to try for yourself, or recommend to others.

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What Clients say about Julianne’s Guided MEDITATIONS

  I want to share how much that guided meditation, ReBoot Your Body, Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again! has helped.
It has worked so very well. It’s one of the items I still use.
I have a crushed spine, so I have a metal plate in my back. Whenever it gets really cold or if I “overdo it,” it hurts! (Of course, I would never “overdo” anything, right?)

I use visualization. And I don’t use pain medications – very rarely – anymore. I have been given a prescription for some pretty strong pain relievers, and I haven’t used them in a long time now.

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One of the nice things about not being in pain, it relieves a lot of stress. By relieving stress, eating organically, and being surrounded by the positive people in our community, like Renee, I’ve gone from …
It’s just a little bit over a year ago that we had prepared and made all the arrangements for my funeral, because I wasn’t expected to live.
But here I am, and I don’t need a heart transplant anymore!

Life is good.

You guys are totally awesome and you just can’t help it.
ReBoot Your Body! is a great product, too! It helped me tremendously. So I hope – for those of you who really need it – you’ll try it, and it really will calm your mind and your body, and the pain.

The actual title of it is:
Reboot Your Body! Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again!
Thank you for creating and caring and loving.