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  “Once in my life I have come across a woman who felt like she was connected to Spirit in the human form, and that blessed soul is Julianne Blake. She’s not just a psychotherapist, not just a life coach, shes not a biz coach, and shes not just a trainer – she’s a connector of souls to their prime directive.

She’s a woman with vision into what limits and blocks the human spirit from its potential – from its greatest achievement. She holds the keys to each individual’s greatest vision for themselves and their limitless, boundless, joyous, power.

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An hour with Dr. Blake reveals blocks that take therapists a lifetime. A month with Julianne lays the path, the plan, the blueprint for success. The poignance, the laughter, the joyousness makes working with Julianne fun, playful, anything but work, anything but therapy. So it has tremendous therapeutic value and is lasting and sustainable. She has wisdom that cuts to the quick of whatever has prevented us from achieving our birthright.

Those that are fortunate enough to work with Julianne Blake are truly the rare few blessed individuals. She may as well have been a guide to our political and spiritual leaders. But thankfully she’s a guide to me, and as long as I live I will be grateful for the love and wisdom, and the profound support, gentleness and incisiveness. She has the strength of conviction to stand in her power and face me head on – like no man has ever done, and yet with nothing but compassion.

Do not hesitate to email, write, call… To wait one minute is to miss out on the most profound opportunity to heal and to step into your power. Work with Julianne Blake if you dare. It may not be fun all the time, but it is profoundly impactful, if not life altering.

With great respect and love,
~ Barry Bruder

On a more personal note, Julianne assisted me in looking inward and how I was keeping myself from my own stillness and vulnerability. This related to all my relationships, especially with my primary bond and children. It has profoundly shifted my relationship with all those closest to me, and allowed me to be in the moment and enjoy each second as the precious gift that it is.”

  Dr. Julianne Blake is a living testimony to the power of transformation. I’ve been witness to the change. In my twenty-six years of association with Dr. Blake she has gone from victim to victor, fearful to fearless and defeated to triumphant. With intent and deliberate creation, she harnessed the power of joy. Julianne’s feat of self-transformation involved meticulous research into the best methods and techniques. Her ability to pierce through the veils of ordinary perception lead to her trademark, “live with courage, passion and purpose.”

– R. Trotta
Financial Advisor

What Clients say about Julianne’s Coaching

  Thank you for reaching out to me. In a one word response to you, as they say in many communities on a Friday evening, “BINGO!”

You have intuited exactly my concern, and my reluctance.

As I reflect on where I am and where I was when we last met, there emerges a polar opposite. In every sense of the words: happiness, fulfillment and success – life has taken on a renewed purpose, and I have thrown myself full force into pursuit of it.

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Family life doesn’t get better, my career has taken off, and my income likely will triple by September. Last time I visited with you, I drove a Volkswagen, next time will be in a vehicle far better suited to my brand and persona.

My eldest has set a path to Harvard and MIT. My youngest is beginning a push to compete in Olympic level Rugby. My wife pursues her first art showing tomorrow, and you will hopefully guide her in time, too.

I am sharing this because I believe myself to be exactly where I need to be at this time, fulfilling better than the promise of our first sessions. Could the experience be more powerful with more of your coaching? I believe so, but please allow me to bask another few months in the radiant bliss that has already manifested.

I’ve found that what we have already begun is working so powerfully. Perhaps this worked even more effectively than either one of us ever imagined! The universe has certainly responded to my focused attention, with your unparalleled guidance and leadership.

If you have ever received a better testimonial, I’ll eat any hat of your choice. :-)

Until we next meet, know that I continue to make diligent progress on what we have started.

– Ronan Winter
Vice President, Business Development

What Participants say about Julianne’s Workshops

  Your message was very uplifting. Thank you for spreading your joy with us.

– Paula

I’m so appreciative of your message. Made me look at life in a different perspective.

– Lidia

I was really touched by your warm, inspiring personality.

– Jennifer

What Clients say about Julianne’s Guided MEDITATIONS

  I want to share how much that guided meditation, ReBoot Your Body, Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again! has helped.
It has worked so very well. It’s one of the items I still use.
I have a crushed spine, so I have a metal plate in my back. Whenever it gets really cold or if I “overdo it,” it hurts! (Of course, I would never “overdo” anything, right?)

I use visualization. And I don’t use pain medications – very rarely – anymore. I have been given a prescription for some pretty strong pain relievers, and I haven’t used them in a long time now.

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One of the nice things about not being in pain, it relieves a lot of stress. By relieving stress, eating organically, and being surrounded by the positive people in our community, like Renee, I’ve gone from …
It’s just a little bit over a year ago that we had prepared and made all the arrangements for my funeral, because I wasn’t expected to live.
But here I am, and I don’t need a heart transplant anymore!

Life is good.

You guys are totally awesome and you just can’t help it.
ReBoot Your Body! is a great product, too! It helped me tremendously. So I hope – for those of you who really need it – you’ll try it, and it really will calm your mind and your body, and the pain.

The actual title of it is:
Reboot Your Body! Release Chronic Pain and Feel Alive Again!
Thank you for creating and caring and loving.

– Chris Downs

  Julianne, your meditation CD is the most relaxing CD I have ever heard! I could feel my whole body relaxing within the first two minutes! I’ve listened to a lot of meditations over the years, but this is the quickest relaxation I have experienced! Thank you!

– Lisa Rae Preston

  I love this guided meditation! I can feel the angel behind me, enveloping me in love. It was an instant vacation, a sweet treat for my soul. I will listen again and again.

– Chiwah Slater